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Atomic Age takes players back to the 1950s, where the nuclear threat was a defining feature of the era. In this online slot game, casino players don’t have to worry about anything other than hoping that the reels will show the right combinations to win a lot of money.

In this old-fashioned slot, the retro look is combined with five reels and up to 15 paylines for an explosive fun. Check out our Atomic Age review to find out what to expect.

Explosive symbols

Explosive symbols

The Atomic Age actually has nothing to do with the rapid development of nuclear weapons in the 1950s. Instead, the game’s symbols are grouped around the trends of the era. Cars, turntables and soft drinks are the main symbols of the game. Here’s a rundown of the symbols you can expect when you play Atomic Age.

  • Cash register – scatter bonus
  • Car rental – scatter bonus
  • Spaceship – wild symbol
  • Atomic bomb
  • Atom
  • Small spaceship
  • Television
  • Turntable
  • Soda
  • Float
  • Gelatin

As you can see, there are a lot of symbols in this game. That’s because the creators of Atomic Age didn’t fill their game with card-value symbols that only function as filler. This is a huge step forward for the game as you feel like every detail of the game has been worked on from start to finish. As a gamer, this makes you choose this game over others.

Two bonuses

Players can take advantage of two different scatter symbols in this game that trigger bonus rounds. One such symbol is the cash register, while the other is the drive-in symbol with a pink car. Both symbols pay 50x when five such symbols appear on a given spin, but the real value here lies in the bonus round, where winnings are multiplied by the amount originally wagered.

Keeping your distance

Keeping your distance

Science fiction was a huge part of pop culture in the 1950s, as advancing technology made it possible to make some pretty good movies about alien invasions and other interesting subjects. Sci-fi is also part of the equation in this game, as an alien spaceship forms the wild symbol of the Atomic Age.

These symbols can match any symbol on the game board except for the two scatter symbols. Also, if five wild symbols appear on a particular payline, the result is a 7,500x win.

Atomic Age Tips and Tricks

Atomic Age players should play the slot for free before playing for real money to get an idea of how the cash machine and car bonus rounds work. It’s also a smart move to see how the player likes a game that doesn’t offer free spins bonuses before investing too much.

The Atomic Age game does not have spectacular graphics, but then there was nothing spectacular in the era it depicted either. Overall, the two bonus rounds and the lucrative wild symbol make this game worth playing, and the nod to the era makes it even better.

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