Top 5 mobile applications for football betting

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There are many options to choose from when looking for the best online sportsbook for soccer mobile betting. Major soccer betting sites also offer a mobile betting option, either through a downloadable mobile app or directly through your mobile browser.

Mobile gaming is also available for the best soccer bookmakers, and if you search on these soccer betting sites, you will surely find it soon.

Mobile betting is huge business these days, and according to the British Gambling Commission, 50% of online punters in the UK placed bets via their mobile phones in 2019. This number is even higher for younger users: 76% of 18-24 year olds and 72% of 25-34 year olds received via mobile device in 2019.

Thanks to its extreme data saving mode, Opera mini has become a popular browser choice for sports bettors around the world. As the cost of mobile internet is increasing in many countries, using Opera Mini can save you a lot of money.

As we wrote above, all popular football sports betting sites offer mobile betting, but some have better systems than others. You should look for a football bookmaker with the most betting markets and the most leagues available.

Here it is worth mentioning such popular and recognized football betting companies as Bet365, TippmixPro, 888Sport or William Hill. The most popular bookmakers not only have mobile betting, but can also offer special bonuses and promotions for mobile betting. Through us you can find the best rated sites that offer soccer betting and that also offer mobile betting.

New Football Betting Sites in 2023

New Football Betting Sites

Here are some new soccer betting sites that launched in 2023 with their opening offers and reliability ratings.

#1 Football betting application – 1Bet

The 1Bet interface is mainly recommended for those who want to start in the direction of live soccer betting and want to do it all within the framework of a quality application. The best odds and the best betting markets await you here

#2 Best online soccer betting app – Unibet

On Unibet’s interface, browser access optimized for mobile devices and the phone app also received special attention. In addition, there is no shortage of online football betting options. What is especially good is that it also has a Hungarian-language interface and customer service.

#3 Sports betting football app – 22Bet

On the 22Bet interface, we can initiate a deposit even with a HUF 350 limit, and he mainly focused on the option of live football betting. In addition to these, hundreds of other sports betting offers and dozens of markets await you at the bookmaker.

#4 Best soccer betting app – Rabona

Best soccer betting app

A quality interface and hundreds of sports betting options await all players at this bookmaker. Although Rabona is still relatively new, it quickly won the hearts of players, which is mainly due to its functions and options.

#5 Best app for recording soccer bets – Bet365

Bet365’s customer service is impeccable, especially when it comes to betting, so if you’re new or you can start your career at this bookmaker with peace of mind. In addition to these, you can reach the sports betting office through a Hungarian-language interface, whether you visit it by phone or computer.

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